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Alfa Romeo will release two exclusive crossovers

21 Feb 2017 2401views
Alfa romeo will release two exclusive crossovers

The Alfa Romeo company intends to release two exclusive crossovers till 2019, names of which are meanwhile kept a secret. This was announced by Sergio Marchionne, the head of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles company, in a recent interview with foreign journalists.

The very first crossover of the Alfa Romeo brand already prepares for entry into the market and it is Alfa Romeo Stelvio which will be on sale at first in Europe, and after spring will go to the market of the USA. According to experts, one of new crossovers will be much less Alfa Romeo, and will become the flagship. The latter is supposed to modification with a seven-seater saloon.

It is reported that Alfa Romeo crossover will be assembled at the factory in Turin, and Alfa Romeo Giulia will serve as a base for the novelty.