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Aston Martin to launch five new models till 2021

22 Jun 2014 6683views
Aston martin to launch five new models till 2021

Representatives of the Aston Martin company declared information according to which in the next seven years the British automobile giant intends to bring to the world automative market five new models. Probably, someone will think that business concerns only updated versions of the cars designed on the basis of present models. Actually it is absolutely new cars which design will not have anything in common.

According to one of the Aston Martin engineers, each of the new models of the company will possess the exclusive design different from other cars of concern.

The first novelty of the large-scale project will be Aston Martin DB9 coupe of new generation, which expected to debute in 2016. 

The car will receive an aluminum platform which will replace the outdated "cart" of VH familiar from still actual predecessor. Just on the basis of a new platform it is also planned to built all five models, but with different dimensions and class.

More detailed information about the new product is still kept the most strict secret. Nevertheless, a number of automobile magazines published data according to which the novelty will receive a new more flexible chassis, as well as a modified wheelbase and track width.

But of course, even Aston Martin is not able to build five models in such short period of time. Therefore the British came in handy long-standing cooperation with the Germans from Mercedes-Benz, which will provide to the British their technologies. In exchange for technology Aston Martin promised to Mercedes Benz some of their shares. Regarding technology from Mercedes-Benz, which will get to five future models of Aston Martin, it comes to electronic assistants, brake parts and various safety systems. For example, new Aston Martin DB9 will receive a certain three-dimensional camera which will be developed by joint efforts of Germans and British. Mercedes-Benz has agreed to provide to the partners power plants of AMG family. One of them is the 500-horsepower 4-liter engine with two turbochargers.

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