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BMW is preparing to manufacture the new X1

22 Dec 2014 2382views
Bmw is preparing to manufacture the new x1

BMW is preparing to start selling a redesigned crossover BMW X1. According BMW report the vehicle is planning to have a common base with Series Active Tourer and Mini Cooper.

Later, the Bavarian engineers motor group will form a hybrid installation. In autumn 2015 the presentation of the new BMW X1 will be organised , and after some period the machine will appear on market.

The base 1.5 l-Turbo has three cylinders and develops 136 BHP power based on it is expected to create a more powerful and expensive hybrid power plant. And older engines-gasoline and diesel will be four-cylinder. A transmission - 6-staged mechanics or the 8-staged machine gun.

The second generation of BMW X1, according to preliminary data, makes its debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show. The sale of Bavarian model will start in the third quarter of next year. The machine enters the market as seater configurations, and a seven-seat. Small X1 crossover with three rows of seats, the rear of which will be suitable for children, will be at dealers BMW in the year 2015.

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