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Crossover 2018 BMW X5 is photographed on tests

02 Aug 2016 3925views
New bmw x5 2018

Today, at the World Wide Web have published photos of the new version of the BMW X5 2018 model year, which is already actively passing the road tests. However, talking about the official launch is still too early.

In particular, the photographs will not be difficult to consider the renewal and improvement in spite of the presence of protective camouflage. Manufacturer markedly improved the appearance of an SUV, adding its unique style and aggression. Oddly enough, the Bavarian brand literally every seven years demonstrates the updated versions of their models. However, in the case of the BMW X5 is still observed a deviation from the schedule in favor of a fast display to the public.

The picture shows that the SUV is significantly increased in size, which will give more room for the driver and passengers. Another important addition is a completely new platform CLAR, which can already be assessed in the latest generation of "sevens". It may be that the SUV to the release date will be announced some other important improvements and changes that could be shared in public.