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Fully electric Subaru crossover will appear in 2021

22 Aug 2016 3706views
Fully electric subaru crossover

Purely electric crossover will be presented by Subaru company in 2021. The novelty will be built based on global architecture Subaru Global Platform (SGP) and will be delivered to the American market, first. So far, it remains unknown whether this model will appear in other countries. It is noted that as a basis for the electric car of Subaru will be Forester or Outback.

As Subaru company gives information, thanks to a new platform that has lowered center of gravity and more stronger structure, the model will become more comfortable. In addition, this will greatly reduce noise and vibration. The model, built on a new platform, will be powered by gasoline and diesel engines as well as electric motors. In addition, SGP is also ideal for hybrid power systems. Also, there will be all-wheel-drive modifications.

It was reported earlier that the company presented Subaru Impreza new generation for the world market. New world debut which took place in New York (United States) in March received 2.0-liter motor of FB20 series with maximum power of 154 HP for internal market. In the list of innovations, airbag for pedestrians will be included already in the basic complete set.