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Mercedes-Benz will have an electric sedan

08 Jul 2016 4120views
Mercedes benz will have an electric sedan

Mercedes-Benz is working on its first ever electric sedan. The car will receive a rich set of advanced equipment that will allow the company to compete for the customer in the segment of luxury electric vehicles.

"This car will be in the same price category with the Tesla Model S. They will have the same range of power reserve. However, this will be the Mercedes, so I think, in the Tesla, probably, there is good reason for concern in this regard ", - said the head of the Australian department of corporate communications David McCarthy.

According to preliminary data, the car will be driven by electric power of 402 hp and it will be all-wheel-drive. But all-wheel drive "electrician" modifications will have an additional power on the engine unit with 120 to 201 hp. All new products will be complemented with the adaptive suspension system and energy recovery.