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Mercedes introduced new generation of Mercedes G63 AMG

25 Feb 2016 3082views
New mercedes g63 amg

Recently German company Mercedes-Benz presented car lovers new generation of world's famous SUV - Mercedes G63. Engineers have significantly increased the functionality of the bodywork of Mercedes-Benz G63. Now the novelty became more reliable and secure. Developers have paid special attention to the electronics and modernization in the Salon.

Mercedes-Benz G63 is equipped with one of the most advanced multimedia systems, climate control and other modern systems, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern car.

Initially, the car was designed for the military service, but then quickly gained popularity among ordinary customers. Manufacturers at Stuttgart was assessed new SUV at 1.5 million euros. The sale will start very soon. The premiere of Mercedes-Benz G63 debut is near at the traditional Geneva Motor Show in March and company will present the model together with two-door Mercedes C43 4MATIC.

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