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Murderer of Tesla Model 3: BMW prepares the strong contender in 2021

16 Feb 2017 644views
Murderer of tesla model 3: bmw prepares the strong contender in 2021

According to preliminary information, the competitor will be the prototype sedan i5. In a number of European media report that currently the development stages are under way. The appearance of the electric vehicle will resemble the BMW Vision Next 100, which was presented during the anniversary of the car company. Capacity of the power aggregate of an innovation will make 230 HP. On a single battery charge the car can travel up to 700 kilometers. It is not excluded that the novelty can obtain a hydrogen engine. One of the most distinctive features of the car is the Autonomous control system of the third generation, which will undertake the much of car controling, and the driver will be able to interfere with its work as desired or in extremely difficult maneuvers. Autopilots of the fourth and fifth level will be able to drive the car without participation of the person. Most of the information about the new product is presumable character, the official data from BMW is not provided. 

We remind, the emergence of Tesla Model 3 in the world market is expected in 2018. On the eve it became known about the leak of information about the release in the next five years, 28 new cars from BMW, including electric vehicles.

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