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New crossover from Tesla - Model X 2015

25 Dec 2014 6115views
Tesla model x 2015

The Tesla company has long planned to launch a crossover. In 2015, it is expected that the development will enter the market for fans of this company. The crossover will be called Tesla Model X 2015.

Review of Tesla Model X 2015:

Larry Page and Sergey Brin (founders of Tesla) for a long time have a weakness for electro-Karam, considering that behind this class of the car — the future of mankind. Tesla Model crossover X 2015 is the first solution in the segment. Just like Tesla Model S, the model will be able to reboot for 3-4 minutes with the new developments of the company and the latest software. The price of the car in the United States is to decline due to return of a tax from the state, thereby making the car more accessible to the average buyer. Subsidies from the state allows to refund of a tax in the amount of $ 4,000 to $ 6,000, due to the electric motor and the environmental damage is minimized.  
The company keeps the majority of characteristics of Tesla Model X 2015 in secret, only some data emerge in the market. The price of the car is not final yet, it is just approximate. The uniqueness of the new version of the crossover is in the following points:
- Back doors will be able to open up
- Absence of a cowl and presence of two luggage carriers
- For passengers — three rows of sitting
- Various types and capacities of electric motors
- The built-in video cameras, instead of rear-view mirrors
- Dynamic modern characteristics
Pre-orders for the Tesla Model X crossover are accepted since 2014 on the site of the company, the price and an advance payment — 5,000 US dollars. The number of orders is not known, but experts estimate not less than 12 thousand orders for a whole year. The closest competitor of the model is the development from the Audi company with the name Q8 e-tron (the hybrid, also must enter the market no earlier than 2015).

Technical characteristics of Tesla Model X 2015:

Engine: unknown
Power: at least 283 hp
Transmission: 7-speed automatic
Drive: full (for United States)
Gross weight: 1870 kg
Number of seats: 7 passenger
Fuel and power reserve: 330 km from 60-w battery, 430 km from 80-w battery
The base price in the United States: from $ 51,300

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