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New Land Rover Defender 2015-2016

26 Dec 2014 7185views
Land rover defender 2015 2016

Range Rover plans to recreate the Land Rover brand in the usual segment of the company - luxurious and magnificent SUV. The serial version of Land Rover Defender is already being tested in Britain, and is rumored to be released on the international market in 2015-2016.

Based on information from the media, it became known that new Land Rover Defender is planned to be presented at the end of 2015, or at the beginning of 2016. From features, they will be equipped with V6 engines, turbine diesels and petrol motors (on a choice of the buyer). The model will be with advanced chassis and definitely an aluminum body (frame). According to Land Rover's Development Department, gear box for this model is planned only automatic. Most likely, the SUV will be equipped with 8-and 9-staged automatic transmissions of manual assembly with a guarantee of 3 years. The SUV will have an arrangement of its wheels as models Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux, a body class "station wagon", fuel — for the market of the USA is planned diesel. 

The question comes - When Land Rover Defender 2015-2016 can be bought? An excellent question and this question interests very much not only the reader, but us also (journalists of, and the interest is not idle. Most likely will be possible not earlier than the second - third quarter of 2016. The price of Land Rover Defender 2015-2016 is specified in different sources different, through analysis, we can reliably specify the price range of the newcomer - from $44,000 to $86,000 for the United States. The newest design of the SUV and its parameters are worthy such price tag and even more, confirm the sources of the companies (Gerry McGovern and John Edwards). The presentation of the novelty will be held for the fans of the company, in autumn 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Specifications of Land Rover Defender 2015-2016:

Engine: 4-cylinder diesel motor, from 2400 cc
Power: 314 hp at least
Transmission: 8 and 9-staged automatic
Driving type: four-wheel drive
Gross weight: 3270 kg
Number of seats: 4 passenger
Fuel consumption: 10 liters on the highway, 18-25 on the road
The base cost in the United States: from $ 86,000

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