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Nissan Patrol was removed from production in Australia

09 May 2016 1447views
Australian nissan patrol

Famous worldwide Japanese SUV, which was produced at the plant of Nissan in Australia was permanently removed from production. Such unexpected decision surely disappoint fans of the model.

In addition to completing the production of Nissan Patrol, Japanese company is going to stop deliver some models to Australian dealers. It can be assumed that soon the factories in Japan will also stop production of the legendary off-road vehicle. The whole period of existence of Nissan Patrol, the model managed to win hearts of millions of customers worldwide, proving very powerful and worthy instance, which can be trusted without a doubt.

The fifth generation of Nissan Patrol was presented to the public 6 years ago, while its production run successfully and once a successor was created. The main market for Nissan Patrol was considered Australia, however, due to tightening environmental requirements, unfortunately, further release of the SUV will not be possible.

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