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Porsche brought new Cayenne to road tests

15 Feb 2016 3879views
New porsche cayenne 2017

In spite of sufficient time, the new Cayenne platform is already undergoing road tests. As a result of very careful consideration of every detail of the next generation of the car, its technical characteristics will be as close to Bentley Bentayga and to Audi Q7.

On the Internet there are several images, which depicted the new Porsche Cayenne during the tests. The official photos of the new model do not presented yet, because the test car came in an old body, but with the new "stuffing". Despite this, experts believe that the new Porsche Cayenne will get a slight difference from the prototype. So, they give off a more aggressive line of the roof and developed wheel arches. Interior, in all probability, will be borrowed from the Panamera.

Kinship with these models will be seen by using the same platform as that of the German and British crossovers. These also include hybrid installation and 4-liter V8. Meanwhile, in the future can not be ruled the release of Porsche Cayenne in the version with a diesel engine.