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Rating of the most American cars

09 Mar 2017 3113views
The most american cars

Time edition shared the rating of the most American cars produced in the USA. The rating was made on the basis of the quantity of models of global brands which are on sale directly in the automobile market of the USA. During the research, it was found that such cars in the country are not much.

The third position went to the Company Cadilac, 86% of the models are on sale in the domestic car market. Jeep with an indicator of 89% became at the second place. Next, Tesla company, all models which are produced by the producer became the leader and all of them are available to purchase on the American car market. Of course, taking into account that Tesla brand has only two models, so their release in the domestic market is not so difficult to distribute. Besides, such brands as Dodge, GLC, Acura, Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Buick, Nissan, Honda entered to the rating made by Time. Most of these companies are not really so American.