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Started sales of new Audi TTS Coupe in Germany

01 Nov 2014 2416views
Audi tts coupe 2014

The official representative of the German automobile giant Audi said that just a couple of days ago in Germany, began selling the new coupe powered by Audi, the new product is called Audi TTS Coupe. 

The price in a basic complete set declared on the car for buyers from Germany will begin with a mark of $61,800. 

It should be recalled that under the hood of the new Audi TTS Coupe located a 2-liter engine TFSI, which is able to develop the capacity of 310 horsepower. 

With this engine the new product will accelerate from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in just 4.9 seconds, while the maximum speed of the new sports coupe will be limited at around 250 kilometers per hour. Most likely when you unlock new machine will easily be able to overcome the bar at 300-320 mph. 

Paired with the engine the six-speed "mechanics" will be integrated or for an extra fee you can put a box with S Tronic dual-clutch.

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