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Today Tesla starts testing Model 3

20 Feb 2017 3198views
Tesla model 3 tests

Today, February 20, Tesla company starts testing and producing the new model - Model 3 in California. The first cars will be delivered to owners at the end of this or early next year. Manufacturing the most affordable electric car is in test mode and it is planned that mass production will be established by this summer.

Let us remind that the liftback will be equipped with an electric motor capacity of 435 HP. The novelty accelerates to one hundred km per hour in 5.5 seconds and can reach speeds of 230 km/h. With a maximum reserve electric vehicle according to the manufacturer can travel from 350 to 480 kilometers, depending on the modification.

Pre-orders are taken by dealers since April, last year. Even despite the rather high price of $ 35,000 for the first three days, nearly 300,000 people have left the application for the new model.

Tesla model 3 tests Tesla model 3 tests