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Date: 12 Feb 2015, Views: 7855

2015 Ford Fiesta - design, interior, technical characteristics, video

2015 Ford Fiesta

Not everyone wants to drive crossovers or SUVs. Some people still prefer compact cars with low fuel consumption and low weight. Today, I will talk about this compact car - the new Ford Fiesta 2015. I can remind Ford fans, that the first Fiesta appeared in 1972. Until now, the design elements of the first models have been more modernized. The car design apparently have changed completely, as well as the technical side.

In 2013, Ford Fiesta has become one of the most selling models in the class of passenger cars. A massive update for the last version compared the current is not expected due to no global change.

2015 Ford Fiesta: Design

The new look is more attractive, awesome and gracefully. On European roads, they would be accurate. The updated appearance of the front radiator grille took the shape of a trapezoid. Grille blends harmoniously into the overall design of the foreground. Lights are very stretched on the side which helps perform better lighting, even in poor weather conditions.

Face of 2016 Ford Fiesta is quite short and looks a bit cropped because of that the appearance has not lost its excellent qualities. The designers paid special attention to the lines of the hull. Thanks to the smooth shapes of Fiesta, it received excellent aerodynamics. Some have compared the aerodynamics of the runabout with sports cars. Indeed, the little Ford can give odds to some models in terms of quality. That's why Ford Fiesta 2015 reviews are  5 on a five-point system.

The sides of the car also sharpened under the rapid acceleration. They have a rounded shape which are made so that the minicar accelerates 100 km/h in minimal time. Wheel arches still hold 17 inch wheels. Forgot to add that lower part of the front end compact car features an innovative air intake, which also improves the quality of the sports car.

2015 Ford Fiesta

2015 Ford Fiesta: Interior

The Interior of 2015 Ford Fiesta is not less attractive  than other year models. For the people who plan to purchase, it is worth saying that there are several options to choose from interior upholstery. In addition, the colours of the inner world has various tones, so the choice is yours. The Ford Fiesta 2015 price will largely depend on the buyer's needs. It is clear that beauty and comfort for the product will require extra payment, but I don't think that the difference in price will be varies widely. The base configuration also contains a lot of useful features and have at least a good comfort.

Interior finishing is made gorgeous as only high quality materials are used. The highlight became the elegant lighting which covers almost all the details needed to drive the car during the night, including sensors, which are responsible for the operation of the engine.

Another feature of the new Fiesta 2015 can be a modern Sony audio system that delivers high quality sound. Eight speakers are set in the salon to ensure proper quality of sound. In addition, there is a possibility to listen to radio stations due to satellite connection. This allows you to get a huge list of stations for the listener.

2015 Ford Fiesta

2015 Ford Fiesta dashboard does not contain a lot of new parts.  It took a different tone, a bit modified form, but sensors still placed in wells with proper lighting. Console starts with a screen protecting roofs on the sides. This will make it easier to read, even with the big light. Below the screen, there are buttons to control. In General, their location is quite good. Reaching the dashboard to change some of the options is not required, as everything can be done quickly and easily.

At the very bottom of the front panel, there are buttons to control the audio system. The buttons are large and comfortable which leads control easier. Finally, it is worth to pay attention to the gear shift lever. It is also located at the bottom of the front panel and is available from the driver.

At the rear of the novelty, you can carry up to 3 passengers, overall amount of passenger is up to 5 people. Naturally when transporting 5 passengers, this directly affects the behavior of the runabout. The fewer people in the cabin, Fiesta runs faster.

2015 Ford Fiesta

2015 Ford Fiesta: Technical characteristics

Sales will continue to be present with the engine diesel 1.5 litre with 3 cylinders. The Ford Fiesta 2015 specifications with this engine is not less attractive than other engines. His power is 75 HP that comes with 6-speed automated.

In addition to the diesel engine, you can choose between 3 petrols. This turbine created using technology EcoBoost. They all have a volume 1 liter. The most powerful liter engine is rated at 123 HP remaining options on 80 and 100 HP. They screwed the 5 - speed manual.

2015 Ford Fiesta: Video

Photos of 2015 Ford Fiesta

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2015 Ford Fiesta rs

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2015 Ford Fiesta st

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2015 Ford Fiesta redesign

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