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Date: 18 Aug 2015, Views: 3926

2015 Honda Accord - interior, exterior and specs

2015 Honda Accord

2015 Honda Accord has being produced for almost forty years. To be precise, the model is thirty-seven years old. In fact, a figure is more than solid. It is not surprising that many people refer Honda Accord as a legendary car. Even though enough lifetime achievement, Honda company is not going to stop making other versions of Honda Accord. The manufacturer continues to develop its leading model making more modern, technically advanced, safe and attractive appearance.

2015 Honda Accord: Exterior
It should be noted that the eighth generation of Honda Accord and other predecessors were focused mainly on young audience. However, 2015 Honda Accord wants to be lifted one step higher, being closer to luxury car segment. Obviously, 2015 Honda Accord is not as sporty as before. The design has been really changed but even the absence of sportiness in appearance, the novelty received a number of innovations and benefits that are more important.

2015 Honda Accord front look has traditional double lamp head optics, equipped with additional LED strip. Consequently, the headlights look perfect, especially at night. The bumper is more relief, appeared trapezoidal slot into which fog lights inserted.The radiator grille is modest, but chrome cut still makes this element in the elegant creations of designers.

2015 Honda Accord

2015 Honda Accord: Interior
It is clearly visible in the photos of updated Honda Accord how dramatically changed the dashboard, which became more solid and expressive. The steering wheel has become a multi-functional, located on the central console near a large touch-screen computer.

There is another screen displays a navigation map as well as video streaming by rearview camera. The center of the speedometer display informs the driver about an average fuel consumption, air temperature, and level of motor oil. The number of decorative elements are increased noticeably. The front seats have a two-tiered heating. The cabin of 2015 Honda Accord component set also includes: dual-zone climate control, cruise control, rain sensor, parking rearview camera, automatic power windows, adjustable steering wheel, seats, and mirrors; LCD backlight salon, side and front airbags, ABS system, immobilizer, control system stability, seat belts with pretensioners.

2015 Honda Accord

2015 Honda Accord: Specifications
Regarding to 2015 Honda Accord specifications, the powerful engine is ready to conquer the hearts of the most economic drivers. So, the most junior of them is 2.4 liters with 180 HP requires only nine liters of gasoline per hundred km in a city.

But its more experienced colleague, with volume of 3.5 liters and power of 280 HP will be fed a total of 11 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers in urban road.

16 Photos of 2015 Honda Accord

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2015 Honda Accord interior

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2015 Honda Accord sedan

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