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Date: 14 Mar 2015, Views: 4085

2016 Honda CR-Z - review, specs, hybrid

2016 Honda Cr Z

The latest generation of Honda CR-Z should appear in production within 2 years. This information is official, it was reported by the publication Motoring, which also declassified that the new coupe 2016 Honda CR-Z will go on sale starting from 2017.

2016 Honda CR-Z: Review

The modern generation of Honda Civic already uses a new and advanced platform, which will also be present in this novelty. But the developers have decided to make some changes, such as the wheelbase has been reduced by 100 mm. According to some photos of 2016 Honda CR-Z,  you can find some external resemblance to vehicles such Civic R and NSX. While the previous model of Honda CR had a similar architecture with cars Jazz.

2016 Honda Cr Z

2016 Honda CR-Z: Specs

The engine of 2016 Honda CR-Z are also succumbed considerable modernization. Now it will have a capacity of 2.0-liter gasoline fuel. Number of cylinders - 4. With regard to the power, it has an adequate level for this model, and constitutes 286 horsepower. According to some reports the novelty will also be equipped with a hybrid version. The hybrid version will have a gasoline engine capacity of 1. 5 liters and an electric motor. This motor is controlled by eight-speed gearbox. Both engines will be able to generate up to 200 hp.

Photos of 2016 Honda Cr Z

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