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Date: 31 Mar 2016, Views: 1989

2017 Acura MDX - update, interior, specs, equipment

2017 Acura Mdx

Recently, luxury car manufacturer Acura has presented the third generation of Acura MDX. Main changes can be seen on the front part of 2017 Acura MDX with completely new radical grille Diamond Pentagon instead of Power Plenum. Profile and its architecture remind privileges of the company products with large size, and serious awesome appearance. Also, there is a large trunk door completes overall design update. Even small details of the external design is based on the first version of Acura MDX which is presented in 2003.

External dimensions of 2017 Acura MDX as follows:
Length - 494 cm;
Height - 174 cm;
Width: - 227 cm;
Wheelbase - 283 cm;
Clearance - 21 cm.

2017 Acura Mdx

2017 Acura MDX: Interior
The instrument panel and electrics are taked from the predecessor. However, in fact, no one can call 2017 Acura MDX interior poor, since all materials are made on only natural products and there are chrome strips that make the cabin of the crossover royal glamour. The interior changes include control panel, where gearbox is installed. Manual transmission of 2017 Acura MDX is 9-speed so engineers had to update panel in order to place the variator. In addition, there is an electronic parking brake, the latest generation of satellite radio and four USB ports for charging your gadgets.

2017 Acura MDX: Technical Specs
A separate discussion deserves hybrid modification of updated SUV — 2017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid. The car is equipped with hybrid propulsion system based on DOHC V6 engine volume of 3.0 liters that works in tandem with 7-speed automatic transmission with two clutch. 2017 Acura MDX is equipped with three electric motors; two of them are located on the rear axle and operate independently from each other. Another electric motor is integrated into gearbox. That is why, hybrid version of 2017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid is based on all-wheel-drive.

2017 Acura Mdx

The total output of the hybrid engine of the model - 2017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid is 325 horsepower and average fuel consumption is 9.4 liters per 100 km. In addition, new hybrid SUV is offered in different modifications including Comfort, Normal, Sport and Sport +. Equipment list of 2017 Acura MDX includes variety advanced driver assistance and safety systems, including adaptive cruise control, lane control system, frontal collision prevention system, the system of automatic beam switching and more.

2017 Acura MDX: Video

Photos of 2017 Acura Mdx

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2017 Acura Mdx interior

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