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Date: 04 Aug 2016, Views: 1888

2017 BMW X5 - release, exterior, price, specs

2017 Bmw X5

BMW is going to introduce new generation of popular crossover BMW X5 in 2017. Managing director of the Australian branch Mark Werner has mentioned about the novelty during an interview with Motoring. Price of 2017 BMW X5 is expected to be in the range between $50,000 - $70,000. However, price of the base complete set of the new generation of BMW X5 can vary.

2017 BMW X5 will appear to the public soon: its debut is scheduled for the next year (2017). In addition, the crossover finally acquired new image of fifth series and will be built on a new modular platform CLAR, which was already used in a sedan and the brand will also going to apply this to the SUV segment in the future, specifically BMW X7.

2017 Bmw X5

2017 BMW X5: Exterior
Engineers that are working on 2017 BMW X5 used lightweight aluminium alloys and carbon fiber for the exterior design. Of course, this makes the car more aerodynamic and naturally lighter. Also, wheelbase of 2017 BMW X5 has increased and the model was equipped by 18-inch alloy wheels. Tail lights and headlights are LED.

Daytime running lights will be installed on the bumpers of 2017 BMW X5. The exhaust system of the vehicle will also be changed in the new BMW design. New body of 2017 BMW X5 will have truly glossy finish. In addition, the design of the front bumper will provide the car more brutal kind.

2017 Bmw X5

2017 BMW X5: Technical Specs
The production of the crossover will be in Spartanburg (South Carolina). The range of engines for 2017 BMW X5 will be powered by four, six, and eight cylinders depending on modifications. In addition, the car will get hybrid modification and charged version of M.

2017 BMW X5: Video

Photos of 2017 Bmw X5

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2017 Bmw X5 interior

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