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Date: 18 Apr 2016, Views: 2586

2017 Honda CR-V - release, exterior, equipment, video

2017 Honda Cr V

Last year in Spring, 2017 Honda CR-V was introduced for European market. Updated crossover Honda CR-V whose exterior slightly redesigned from 2015-2016 Honda CR-V. Changes include new multimedia complex, advanced security systems, new engines with gearboxes, modified steering and suspension settings, improved sound and insulation, expanded color palette of the body, and increased alloy wheels. The exterior of crossover 2017 Honda CR-V has new headlights with LED strips with daytime lights, improved false radiator grille which became more expressive and more powerful bumper.

2017 Honda CR-V: Exterior
Honda company offers 9 color options for customers of 2017 Honda CR-V: three pearl including White Orchid, Passion Red and Crystal Black as well as five metallic such as Urban, Polished Metal, Twilight Blue, Golden Brown, Alabaster Silver and pink body color Deep Ocean Blue. Another feature of the novelty can be huge selection of alloy wheels diameter of 17, 18, and 19 inches.

The dimensions of 2017 Honda CR-V remained the same as the previous: length - 457 cm, width - 182 cm, height - 168.5 cm, length of wheelbase - 262 cm and ground clearance - 17 cm. The only change is increased gauge by 1.5 cm, that is now 158 cm.

2017 Honda Cr V

2017 Honda CR-V: Interior
5-seat 2017 Honda CR-V is specious not only for front passengers but also rear seat, decorated with high-quality finishing materials and ergonomic placement of controls. Also, restyling saloon is equipped with modern 7-inch multimedia complex with colorful screen, which could show rearview camera image as well as the possibility of accessing the Internet, radio, music, and Bluetooth.

2017 Honda CR-V depending on complete set can be equipped with advanced systems such as Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, High Beam Support System, Blind Spot Information, Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition System, Cross Traffic Monitor, Forward Collision Warning, City-Brake Active system and Lane Keep Assist System. Trunk volume of the novelty is 589 litres, and if you fold rear seat backs, it will be increased to 1669 liter.

2017 Honda CR-V: Technical Specs
Specifications of power unit of 2017 Honda CR-V as follows: i-DTEC diesel engine volume of 1.6 liters rated at 120 horsepower with maximum torque of 300 Nm and i-DTEC with the same volume, but rated at 160 horsepower and maximum torque of 350 Nm. According to the manufacturer, fuel consumption of the most powerful diesel engine working in tandem with 9-speed automatic transmission is 4.9 liters. There is also gasoline engine volume of 2.0-litre, whose maximum power is 155 HP with peak torque of 192 Nm. All power units meet Euro 6 standarts.

2017 Honda CR-V: Video

Photos of 2017 Honda Cr V

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2017 Honda Cr V hybrid

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2017 Honda Cr V interior

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