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Date: 19 May 2016, Views: 4353

2017 Skoda VisionS - interior, exterior, specs

2017 Skoda Visions

On the 86th international motor show in Geneva, the Skoda company has presented a new concept car 2017 Skoda VisionS. In the sense that the Czech automaker intends to create on its basis two cars at once. The first is a successor of a concept — Skoda Yeti, the small crossover. The second is Skoda Kodiak, also a crossover, but in a full-size, and will cost a few thousand euros more expensive. By the way, Kodiak will be the first seven-seater crossover of the brand.  

The Czech experts were engaged in development of design of 2017 Skoda VisionS. The group of the chief designer Josef Kaban hasn't failed to use national color, having chosen the well-known Czech crystal as an inspiration source. In what he is shown? Yes, in a neat, polished LED optics, in a narrow, but long false radiator grille and bumper repeats it.

Something like this, as that of 2017 the concept of Skoda VisionS, should look like a car interior of the near future. Such an abundance of trim, cutting-edge liquid crystal displays can not be found, perhaps more than anywhere else. Personal screen, which is natural, there is a driver, he plays the role of a full-fledged dashboard.

It should be noted that Skoda belongs to the concern Volkswagen, so the origins of 2017 Skoda VisionS concept should be sought there. And they are - a proprietary modular MQB platform. That allows it to plan from one prototype to make just two different crossover, as the wheelbase can be changed simply:
- From the rear bumper to front 4700 millimeters,
- It will be 1910 mm between the extreme points of the door,
- Height - 1680 mm,
- The wheel base was enclosed in 2790 millimeters, but it will be changed if necessary.

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