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Date: 21 Apr 2016, Views: 4492

2017 Subaru XV - interior, exterior, specification, photos

2017 Subaru Xv

Japanese automobile company Subaru has recently announced entirely new - namely, a fully updated version of 2017 Subaru XV. Total changes constitute 80% of all the qualities and functions of the car. The new suspension bracket, modernization of a steering wheel, a modifed noise isolation, modern hardware and more other innovations, presented this year. Big changes also undergone the interior of the novelty which looks more suitable to a present era. Exterior and engine versions are the only items that are not changed in any way during the restyling.

Since appearance is the same, it makes little sense to describe it in detail. Someone has seen the car before, and those who have not seen - will be able to get acquainted with its appearance with the help of photographs, attached to the article. The only thing that we would like to be noted, people are not very well versed in the types of bodywork and engines in general, it can be easy to confuse the Subaru with the city hatchback and it is logical, because the exterior does not explain in this situation, that before our eyes SUV. But there are after all several moments indicating this fact. It is protection of thresholds plastic linings, the size of wheel arches, massiveness of bumpers and rather big road gleam.

Components ZD has a large number of pleasant for the driver and passengers of the details, but the FG version seems even more stuff with various innovations. It is electric and LED turn signals in the rear-view mirror, factory toning, intelligent system monitoring the situation on the road, special pedals (aluminum), seat trim material also will help in the more expensive version.

8 Photos of 2017 Subaru Xv

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