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Date: 11 Apr 2016, Views: 2416

2017 Toyota Corolla - cabin, exterior design, release and price

2017 Toyota Corolla

Many are accustomed to budget cabins of most Japanese cars. However, the new 2017 Toyota Corolla is able to erase this stereotype. With what aspect of interior the novelty can boast: the heated seats. In the basic complete set it will be installed only on the front seats, and in more advanced versions on all four seats. Even in the standard complete set there is an unpretentious 6.1 inch touch computer. However in more expensive models it will be equipped with many additional functions (USB0 ports, various audio exits, Bluetooth and many other things). 

2017 Toyota Corolla

By the way, in the premium versions of 2017 Toyotas Corolla the designed leather steering wheel will be installed. The rear-view camera -  combination with various sensors, it forms a good parking assistance system. The producer also has approached a safety issue thoroughly. The car is equipped with such means: safety cushions (including side), systems of stability and control of draft, ABS and electronic distribution of brake effort. Design of interior of the car of 2017 will be available in two color variations. But, so far it is not known what specific.

All those who felt an urge to buy 2017 Toyota Corolla, certainly wish to know its price. It is possible to say that this model possesses an ideal combination of price and quality. It practically is not inferior to its fellow Camry, while its cost is much lower. There are no exact data on the price meanwhile, but it is expected that depending on a complete set it will make from 19 to 28 thousand dollars. As for the release date, you'll have to wait. It is expected that the first samples of the novelty will be released early next year. They will be sold, most likely, according to the pre-order. 

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