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Date: 01 Apr 2016, Views: 1912

2017 Toyota Prius - update, interior, design, video

2017 Toyota Prius

Toyota Motor Corporation presented new hybrid model - 2017 Toyota Prius at the International Auto Show in New York. New hybrid hatchback will be the most improved version among popular Toyota Prius models. So far, the price of 2017 Toyota Prius is not available. The new Toyota Prius received modern, sporty and bright appearance as well as classy salon which done beautifully in detail. The novelty will surprise Toyota fans not only with technological innovations, but also updated appearance. It is worth noting that the designers upgraded the car specifically in sporty look and making it better manageable. The front part of the body gets all attention due to the presence of completely original led lighting technology, futuristic bumper with aerodynamic elements and large air intake hole.

2017 Toyota Prius: Interior
Futuristic style in the interior design is a continuation of original updated appearance of the hybrid hatchback. Multi-functional instrument panel decorates the torpedo. On-board information and entertainment system is based on large 11.6 inch touch screen. The entertainment center supports Bluetooth, Wireless Qi charging technology for devices and has USB 2.0 port. Entune Premium JBL Audio system can be equipped for extra charge for 2017 Toyota Prius. Just under the system, there are control units for specific tasks, which include climate-control. Transmission control area is omfortably decorated, and joystick is placed on vertical area which by using, you can select the mode of operation of the engine and transmission.

2017 Toyota Prius

2017 Toyota Prius: Technical Specs
2017 Toyota Prius received 4 cylinder internal combustion engine volume of 1.8 liters. This powerplant works on Atkinson cycle: working on three-stroke Otto cycle increased due to the complications of crank mechanism. The motor provides unprecedented for its class whose heat efficiency is 40%. 2017 Toyota Prius provides best fuel consumption in the class which is just 1.96 litres or less per 100 km. Only on electricity mode, you can overcome distance of 35 km, twice more in comparison with its predecessor. Maximum speed in this mode is 135 km/h.

The fuel tank of 2017 Toyota Prius is approximately 42 litres. It will be completed with block batteries capacity of 8.8 kWh. It is confirmed that at full charging the fuel tank and fully charged batteries, a hybrid can overcome distance of 960 km. Specially noted that filling the reserve battery power can be made from ordinary electronic network without additional hardware just by plugging included cable. The whole process can take about 5 hours and 30 minutes.

2017 Toyota Prius: Video

Photos of 2017 Toyota Prius

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2017 Toyota Prius interior

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