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Date: 08 Apr 2016, Views: 7206

2017 Toyota Sequoia - update, complete set, specs, price

2017 Toyota Sequoia

2017 Toyota Sequoia fully corresponds to its name (Sequoia is one of the most powerful and large trees) and can be considered as on of the largest SUV in the world. Demand for the model fell steadily in last couple of years and Toyota Motor Company had to present new restyled version of Toyota Sequoia. All changes of 2017 Toyota Sequoia were aimed at bringing the model reputation with corporate style and reduce shortcomings identified during the operation of the previous version.

2017 Toyota Sequoia: Exterior
The length of new Toyota SUV is 5.21 m, width - 2.03 m, height - 1.89 m, and wheelbase - 3.1 m. Due to such impressive dimensions of aerodynamics, 2017 Toyota Sequoia may have a negative impact on fuel consumption.

If the previous generation of Toyota Sequoia looked like a big crossover with perception of simple pickup, the upgraded model - 2017 Toyota Sequoia is already comparable to premium models. Thanks to another form of bodywork, despite a small increase in size, the novelty looks compact and more dynamic than its predecessor. 2017 Toyota Sequoia has another radiator grille, bi-xenon headlights, new front bumper with air intake around the perimeter, side steps, long roof rails, rear LED lights and lots of chrome accents.

2017 Toyota Sequoia

2017 Toyota Sequoia: Interior
Saloon of the new SUV can be characterized by one word as spacious, even one seat is enough for two people. Although the interior of 2017 Toyota Sequoia cannot be described as luxurious, everything in it decorated quite nice. Large dashboard allows you to read easily all the necessary information with instruments and central console is so wide that Toyota professionals had to visually divide it into two parts.

2017 Toyota Sequoia: Technical Specs
2017 Toyota Sequoia is equipped with 5.7-litre V8 petrol engine capacity of 381 HP. This power unit works in conjunction with intelligent four-wheel-drive and 6-speed automatic transmisson with Tow/Haul feature, which allows you to enable transmission to tow a trailer. Acceleration of Toyota SUV to 100 km/h whose weight is 2.7-tonne takes only 7 seconds. That can be impressive but fuel consumption is also correspondent: between 19 liter and 25 liter in urban cycle.

2017 Toyota Sequoia

2017 Toyota Sequoia: Price
Toyota Company offers 3 complete sets of 2017 Toyota Sequoia. They differ with additions and engines: SR5, Limited, Platinum and they all have different prices.
-SR5 will cost $42,000;
-The price of Limited is 52,000 dollars;
-Platinum is the most expensive complete set whose price is $ 60000.

2017 Toyota Sequoia: Video

12 Photos of 2017 Toyota Sequoia

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2017 Toyota Sequoia interior

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