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Date: 16 Apr 2016, Views: 5654

2017 Toyota Supra - redesign, release date, price

2017 Toyota Supra

Japanese auto giant company Toyota together with German concern BMW are going to reanimate popular model Toyota Supra, which was first introduced in 2002. According to many fans of this sports car, Toyota Supra had not to be removed from production. The presentation of 2017 Toyota Supra is planned to 2017. The name of the sports car was not announced but we can try to guess. Perhaps, it will get S index to Toyota Supra.

2017 Toyota Supra: Exterior
2017 Toyota Supra will be built on the same platform as German sports coupe 2017 BMW Z4, which is also going to be presented to the public in the near future. Externally, new generation of Toyota Supra has very original, unique design and does not look like with new version of Toyota FT86, which has been recently introduced at the annual Auto Show. There are lot of impressive details on the bodywork of 2017 Toyota Supra and they are design of front and rear bumpers, front and rear LED optics as well as original design of wheel disks. It is worth noting, how designers have beaten door handles, hiding them in a small niche, which is part of air intake. If you sum up 2017 Toyota Supra, it is aggressive sporty look, which will clearly attracts many car fans.

2017 Toyota Supra

2017 Toyota Supra: Technical Specs
Most likely, the novelty of 2017, coming on as a substitute of legendary Toyota Supra will be equipped with hybrid power unit whose total capacity will be about 400 horsepower. This engine will consist of four-cylinder turbocharged motor powered by petrol and electricity. Probably, 2017 Toyota Supra will be offered with six-cylinder engine volume of 3.5-liter, which was installed on car concept FT-HS.

The price of 2017 Toyota Supra was not revealed but we can assume that new sports car will be more expensive than Chevrolet Corvette. Probably, learning current situation at the market, new version of Toyota Supra could be approximately $55,000. 2017 Toyota Supra is supposed to be perfect competitor to number of German sports cars such as Porsche 911, Porsche Carrera as well as BMW i8.

2017 Toyota Supra: Video

Photos of 2017 Toyota Supra

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2017 Toyota Supra interior

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