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Date: 06 May 2016, Views: 2284

2017 Volkswagen Amarok - interior, exterior, redesign, specs

2017 Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen has unveiled the updated pickup 2017 Volkswagen Amarok, which has received retouched appearance, slightly revised interior and a completely new diesel engine, which was not available in the previous version. Distinguish 2017 Volkswagen Amarok from the pre-reform cars is easy with a different front bumper with other sections of the anti fog lightnings and advanced air intakes, as well as with other grid of front grille and the corrected head optics.

Behind the novelty attracts with tinted lights, plus draw an attention 18-inch wheel disks of fresh design. Interior, the car is designed with improved, more ergonomic, redesigned front seats and instrument panel. As part of the new technology 2017 Volkswagen Amarok got magnified brake discs, steering migrated, as well as a 3.0-liter diesel engine V6, which is available in versions of return on 163, 204 and 224 hp. It may be combined as a pair with a 6-speed manual and paired with the automatic 8-band transmissions.

The company has noted that in a body of the pickup 2017 Volkswagen Amarok without problems the europallet is located, Amarok's loading capacity makes one ton, and the restyling option is capable to tow the trailer weighing up to 3.5 tons against 3.2 t earlier. The European sales of model start in September of the 2016, there is no information on the prices yet.

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