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In 2016 Audi will release a new subcompact crossover Audi Q1

29 Dec 2014 4196views
Audi q1 2016

Sources of the British magazine "CAR" reported that the new compact coupe Audi Q1 will combine design elements of branded crossovers, as well as models Sportback and Avant. Now it is known that it will get a platform PQ25, one more German compact Audi A1 gathers on it, but the truth remains a mystery, is it the same or Q1 will be the advanced version.

The smallest crossover of Audi, which will be named Q1 and will appear in 2016, will cost about 25 thousand euros in Germany. The assembly of the model will be adjusted at the enterprise in Ingolstadt on the same line with the model A3. Annual output of 70 million vehicles.

The crossover will be built on a platform of Audi Q3, Volkswagen Tiguan and Skoda Yeti. Design of the car reminds the latest concepts of Audi and made in sports and off-road style. The car will receive an extensive scale of engines, the most powerful version (probably RS) will develop 300 hp.

Line of engines for Audi Q1 will make 3-cylinder petrol engines of 1.4, 1.8 and 2 liter which will develop up to 140, 180 and 230 hp respectively, as well as 2 diesel engines with 150 and 184 hp. The design of Audi Q1 was developed before the arrival of a new chief designer of the brand Marc Lichte, who took office in late 2013.

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