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MINI presented JCW convertible and Clubman 4ALL in New York City

25 Mar 2016 1387views
Mini jcw convertible and mini clubman 4all

Another discovery of the New York motor show became JCW convertible and Clubman All4 wagon from British automaker Mini. Convertible Mini John Cooper Works Convertible (JCW) now has an aggressive body kit. Under its hood is placed a two-liter four-cylinder turbo engine capable of generating power at 228 hp. To "hundred" the convertible accelerates in 6.3 seconds. The cost of cars starts at 25,600 dollars. Mini Clubman All4 polutoralitrovye will be equipped with turbo-generating capacity of 134 hp and the engine capacity of 2.0 liters, providing power up to 189 hp The prices of these cars start at 25,900 dollars.

Earlier it was reported that on the basis of the Clubman Mini All4 company can build a full-fledged competitor to modern hot hatch, providing it with engine capacity of 250 hp However, during the debut of all-wheel drive wagon manufacturer of this information is not confirmed. In addition, earlier this year the company promised that it will not raise the prices of touring with the advent of all-wheel drive system, but now, according to some, for All4 console will have to pay at least the Americans - four-wheel drive will increase the price Clubman about 2,000 dollars .

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